The Department of English and Film Studies was recently ranked 22nd in English Language & Literature by the QS World University Rankings - the highest ranking department at the University in this survey. From the U of A Subject Rankings page, it also appears that we are now the top-ranked subject area at the U of A.

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  1. Professor and EFS alumna Heidi Janz has become a voice for people with disabilities

    Heidi Janz (’03 PhD, English & Film Studies) is an accomplished woman. A playwright and an academic, she holds 3 degrees from UofA, has completed 2 post-doctoral fellowships, has had 4 plays produced and has published a short novel. It is an impressive CV by anyone’s standards, but Janz also has cerebral palsy.

  2. Prof. Eddy Kent publishes book on Corporate Culture in British India

    Department of English and Film Studies Professor Eddy Kent has published a new book about Corporate Culture in British India.

  3. EFS Distinguished University Professor, Patricia Demers Comments on National Archive Study

    An article in Maclean’s raises concerns about the accessibility of Canada’s national archives and libraries. The article recounts what is described by Patricia Demers, a University of Alberta professor and head of the Royal Society of Canada, as a “decade-long decline in all the services,” including the National Portrait Gallery and Library and Archives Canada (LAC).

  4. Film Studies alumnus Ben Owens

    Locating the scene, Film Studies Alumnus Ben Owens

    Film Studies alumnus Ben Owens searches the province for the perfect filming locations for TV shows and movies.

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