Don Perkins

Don Perkins


Office: 391 Humanities Centre
Office Hours: By appointment


PhD Alberta

Supervisory and research interests

As a Lecturer, I do not normally supervise above the level of Honours projects. I am, however, always willing to serve as a sounding board for developing ideas in Canadian Drama, Native Literatures, and Popular Culture—the fields I have published in.

Courses taught

I regularly teach in the areas of Non-fiction Writing, Canadian Drama, Popular Culture, Literature and History, and Native Literature. I have also taught for the Drama Department and the Faculty of Native Studies.

Recent Publications


"Alice Major: Metaphors, Myths, and the Eye of the Magpie." accepted for Making Literature, Literature in the Making: Ten Years of CLC Brown Bag Lunch Readings. Eds. Marie Carriere, Curtis Gillespie and Jason Purcell. Forthcoming
"Pityshit". Program essay for Brad Fraser, Kill Me Now, Workshop West Theatre, Sept. 5-22, 2013
"Lovin' Spoonsful (Spoonfulls?)" Program essay for Kenneth Brown's Double-Double, Workshop West Theatre, March 21-April 7, 2013.
Scott, Steven, Don Perkins, and Erika Rothwell. Intersections: Readings in the Sciences And Humanities. 2nd Ed. Pearson: Prentice Hall, 2005.


"Growing Pains," "Grand / Father / and Son," and "The Oldies Shift a Paradigm." "Poems from Grown Men", Edmonton Poetry Festival, 24 April, 2015.
"Canada Goose at City Centre" selected for The Poetry Route by Edmonton Poetry Festival, January 2015.
"Play, by-play" and "Night River." The Tumpeter: Journal of Ecosophy 30. 1 (2014): 49, 50.
"Cold Comforts" (poem) and "Moon Calling" (short nonfiction piece). 40 Below: Edmonton's Winter Anthology. Ed, Jason Lee Norman. Edmonton: Wufniks Press, 2013. 129-130; 159