Guide to Junior English Courses

Students who need 6 credits of junior English as part of their degree program will normally take any two (2) of English 102, 103 or 125. Students in these programs who already have 3 credits of junior English or are in programs which require only 3 credits normally take one of these courses. All junior English courses require comparable amounts of close reading from a range of genres (poetry, drama, fiction, nonfiction) and devote a minimum of 30% of class time to writing instruction.

Students should acquire a good, up-to-date dictionary. The Canadian Oxford Dictionary (2nd edition, 2004) is the best guide to Canadian English; it has been abridged as the Paperback Oxford Canadian Dictionary (2nd edition March 2006), but the full dictionary is preferable to the abridgement. The Gage Canadian Dictionary (revised and expanded edition, 2000) and the Nelson Canadian Dictionary of the English Language (1997) are also useful; other dictionaries such as the Concise Oxford English Dictionary (11th edition 2004, revised 2006) and the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (4th edition, 2000, updated 2006) are excellent in their own ways, but may be based on British or American usage, both of which differ from Canadian usage.

Please note that the Department of English and Film Studies recommends that those speakers of English as a second language who are still experiencing second-language problems should not enroll in junior English courses during their first term on campus. They should consider taking one of the ESL courses offered by the Faculty of Extension (780-492-3116).

Before completing registration, students should be sure to check the regulations of their faculties. Requirements vary throughout the University, and final questions about programs rest with the student's faculty office. Inquiries about the junior English program and individual junior courses may be addressed to the Department of English and Film Studies First-Year Committee Chair (Dr. S. Brown; All students wanting to take senior English courses must first successfully complete 6 credits at the junior level which may consist of two 3-credit junior English courses or one 3-credit junior English course and WRS 101. No more than 6 credits of English at the 100-level will be accepted for credit in any program.