Department Practices


At its meeting of May 12, 1982 the Department of English approved two changes in titles previously used with reference to bodies in the Department: the Department Meeting would henceforth be known as the Department Council Meeting, while the previously named Department Council would henceforth be known as the Chair's Advisory Council. These changes were necessitated by new regulations accepted by General Faculties Council on October 16, 1981.

Following the adoption of the new titles the minutes of Department Meetings necessarily became the minutes of the newly named Department Council, and the minutes of the former Department Council became those of the newly named Chair's Advisory Council. For the sake of consistency, and in an attempt to reduce confusion to a minimum, the present revision of Department Practices makes reference to the two bodies under their current names only. Readers of the Practices should, however, be aware that where reference is made to a decision of the present Department Council prior to its meeting of December 13, 1982, the source will be found in the minutes of Department Meetings; where reference is made to a decision of the present Chair's Advisory Council prior to its meeting of September 29, 1982, the source will be found in the minutes of the Department Council.

The following abbreviations are used in reference throughout this revision:

DC: Department Council
CAC: Chair's Advisory Council

Prior to 1977, dates alone are often given to indicate the introduction of practices. A specific record of the source of the decision may not have been made or kept. These references were accepted in the 1977 revision of Department Practices as having authority and are, therefore, incorporated herein.

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Article 1: Chair's Advisory Council
Article 2: Chair Search Procedures
Article 3: Selection Procedures for Associate Chairs
Article 4: Major Standing Committees
Article 5: Other Committees and Administrative Positions
Article 6: General Committee Policies and Practices
Article 7: Department Council Meetings
Article 8: Curriculum
Article 9: First-Year Courses
Article 10: Senior Courses
Article 11: Course and Program Guides
Article 12: Teaching Assignments
Article 13: Staff Loads
Article 14: Marking Assistance
Article 15: Improvement of Teaching
Article 16: Grading
Article 17:Assessment of Teaching
Article 18: Hiring Policies (Permanent Staff)
Article 19: Tenure
Article 20: Retiring Staff and Professors Emeriti
Article 21:Sessional Lecturers
Article 22: Graduate Assistant and Sessional Appointments
Article 23: G.T.A. Teacher Training
Article 24: G.A. Supervision
Article 25: Student Representation
Article 26: G.S.E.A.
Article 27: Arts Representative Council Representation
Article 28: Lecture Series
Article 29: Visiting Professors
Article 30: Officers of the Department
Article 31: Department Newsletter (deleted Fall 1993)
Article 32: Department Newsbulletin
Article 33: Complaints
Article 34: Calendar
Article 35: Release of Final Examinations to Students
Article 36: Examination Appeals and Reassessment of Term Work
Article 37: Intersession Pre-Session Study
Article 38: Budget
Article 39: Graduate Placement
Article 40: Special Facilities
Article 41: Election Procedures
Article 42: Awards and Prizes
Article 43: Postgraduate Diploma Program (Deleted 1992)
Article 44: The Honors Program in English
Article 45: The Graduate Program in English
Article 46: Allocation of Space and Resources
Article 47: Conflict of Interest